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Tired of overloads?


We offer $7 deliveries in the greater Montreal area.

10$ and less in most major centers in Quebec.


Orders prepared in 24 hours. 7 days a week.


Save $1 per order.


Pay for what you really need.


End-to-end technological and logistical support.

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Where to start?

Reception of your products

We intelligently store your inventory in our warehouse, allowing for faster and cheaper delivery. You only pay for the slots you use!

Integration of your store

Connect your online store with us and we will handle the shipping of your orders for you.

Preparation and shipping

When your customers place an order, we prepare, pack and ship your products using the cheapest shipping service you choose.

Integrations and partners

We offer integrations with the most popular online shopping platforms and delivery services. We regularly add to your choices of local companies that will save you money while encouraging the local economy.

Your products make you stand out.

Let us take them faster, further.

Tandem offers faster shipping for less, 7 days a week. Logistics should be a gas pedal, not a hindrance to your growth.


Fast shipping


Cheaper shipping


Precise shipping


Orders shipped